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Example Social Media Posts:

-- September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide Prevention is Everyone's Business, every day of every year #AAS365 #SPM19

-- You are not alone. Join our #losssurvivors as they heal and work towards suicide prevention efforts. #AAS365 #SPM19

-- We all want an end to suicide. Join us during #SPM19 to stand for prevention efforts nationwide. #AAS365

-- Effective suicide prevention takes efforts from all angles. It takes work from all fields of research and science. We must branch out and connect with everyone in our communities to end this public health issue. #AAS365 #SPM19

-- Suicide prevention is important to me because no one should have to suffer alone in silence. #BeThere for someone you love. #AAS365 #SPM19

-- Get involved in suicide prevention in your community. Advocate for local, regional, and national funding of research to better understand suicide and how to prevent it. #AAS365 #SPM19

-- Now is a great time to contact your local schools and find out how they're preventing suicide. Do they have policies and plans in place? #AAS365 #SPM19

-- Contact your local crisis center to find out how you can help. Donate, volunteer your time, or just let them know you're there for them. #AAS19 #SPM19

For someone to post and fill in about themselves:

I'm a member of AAS because_____. Suicide prevention means _______ to me. #AAS365 #SPM19

FOR media professionals


AAS Suicide Reporting Recommendations: Media as Partners Toolkit

"Responsible reporting on suicide has the power to save lives. How you shape a story — the details given, words used and resources provided — will minimize suicide contagion for vulnerable individuals and increase awareness of this major public
health issue. Social media presents new challenges and opportunities to shape our understanding of and response to this largely preventable form of death."

Reporting on suicide should:

  • Limit Suicide Contagion

  • Frame The Story Ethically

  • Use Appropriate Language

  • Provide Suicide Prevention Resources


For extensive resources regarding reporting on the topic of suicide and suicide prevention, AAS endorses the Ohio Reporting on Suicide Guidelines. Here you'll find

We encourage reporters, journalists, and all media outlets to distribute these and become familiar with them. We also encourage an ongoing conversation between media and suicide prevention professionals. AAS frequently provides consultation to media professionals when there are concerns about a particular story or regarding how a death is being reported. Please refer to the contact information below for interviews and consultations.


Please send media inquiries to:

Chris Maxwell
Communications Coordinator

Colleen Creighton
Executive Director

Dr. Jonathan Singer