crisis center Division.png

Dear Friends of AAS,

The Crisis Center Division of AAS serves to connect and mobilize crisis centers throughout the country. This dynamic group is currently working not only to refresh AAS crisis center accreditation standards but is also working to revitalize its network.  

So many amazing crisis workers help heroic individuals hold on every day and the division is working to connect these centers to support the workers as they engage in this complex, life-changing work. This builds a stronger and more resilient network better prepared to help those who reach out to us for hope. 

We are busily preparing toolkits and helping to prepare an amazing conference with speakers and sessions aimed at bringing our accredited centers together in a collaborative learning environment designed to strengthen our already strong ties, spark innovation and welcome new crisis centers and individual members into the fray. 

Join us in supporting the division and the crisis workers from coast to coast doing this work 24/7/365 with passion and the collective support of AAS. 

Written by Wendy Farmer, Crisis Centers Committee member